Children’s swimming lessons


Swimming lessons in Eastbourne 

Swim school 

The Otters children’s award system is built with a 10 level structure. With roots in the Swim England system, We have further developed the programme into our own unique approach to work more consistently with our teaching methodology.

 Our distinctive technique can be seen as well as felt in the lessons themselves. 

We guarantee only the highest standard of lessons, with emphasis on several important key elements:

  • Technique Focussed
  • Repetition, Review and Routine
  • Teacher Professionalism
  • Quality Teaching Programme
  • Continuous Learning
  • Measureable Progression
  • Fun Through Learning
  • Strong Communication
  • Structured Lessons


Stage 1

Skills to Develop:

  • Buoyancy – flotation front and back
  • Regain upright position from front and back
  • Blowing bubbles mouth & nose
  • Breath control
  • Kicking front/back – hands on, controlled with assistance
  • Submerge eyes open/closed
  • Jumping in from the side
  • Pick up objects from bottom
  • Water safety tips
  • Water confidence – walking, hopping, jumping
  • Submerge completely & blow bubbles under the water

Pass Criteria/Badges:

  • Bubble Award 2 (Submerge completely & blow bubbles under the water)
  • Flotation 5 seconds front
  • Flotation 5 seconds back

Stage 2

Skills to Develop:

  • Review stage 1 skills
  • Breath control
  • Rotation – front to back and back to front
  • Push & glide, front and back – unassisted
  • Backstroke arms introduction
  • Breaststroke arms introduction – no legs
  • Water safety tips
  • Kicking unassisted with correct leg action

Pass Criteria/Badges:

  • Flotation 10 seconds (front)
  • Flotation 15 seconds (back)
  • Travel 5 metres on front (kicking only no assistance, breath control, correct body posture, leg action and lift head to breath once then continue)
  • Travel 5 metres on back (kicking only no assistance, correct body posture and leg action)

Stage 3

Skills to Develop:

  • Review stage 2 skills
  • Backstroke arms
  • Breast stroke arms (diving down for objects)
  • Rotation (body roll) – front-back & back-front
  • Front crawl arms
  • Introduction to lateral or bi-lateral breathing
  • Water safety tips

Pass Criteria/Badges:

  • Travel 10 metres front (arms extended/rocket position/correct leg action)
  • Travel 15 metres on back (kicking only, body  posture – no float)
  • Full Backstroke 10 metres (complete body posture, arm & leg action)
  • Front crawl arms – 5 metres (Lateral or bi-lateral breathing)

Stage 4

Skills to Develop:

  • Review stage 3 skills
  • Lateral/bi-lateral breathing – front crawl
  • Introduction butterfly kick only (undulation)
  • Sculling front/back
  • Develop breaststroke arms and introduce legs
  • Water safety tips
  • Introduction to race diving

Pass Criteria/Badges:

  • Travel 25 metres backstroke (complete body posture, arm & leg action)
  • Front crawl 15 metres (lateral or bi-lateral breathing)
  • 5 metres breaststroke (no timing required)

When you are confident in all of the above you can move onto our Squad Swimming lessons.